New Company. Deep Roots.

TEAM XTECH is committed to providing our customers with unmatched impact protection.

Our Philosophy. Our Promise

XTECH Protective Equipment's corporate mission: to produce the best sports safety equipment in America.

We have developed revolutionary sports protective equipment by utilizing advanced plastics and foam production technology in our products to ensure optimal safety, without compromising performance.

We work tirelessly to optimize product innovation and maximize athlete protection. Employing feedback we get from elite professional and collegiate athletes who use our products, we implement design modifications and conduct safety testing to ensure that we produce the safest protective pads possible, without compromising player comfort, mobility and flexibility.

Our chief product designer—one of the industry’s most decorated safety product developers—works constantly to improve the quality and functionality of our gear—and our chief safety officer—a nationally renowned trauma surgeon—tests our products rigorously to ensure their optimal protective efficacy.

The result: our protective pads provide unmatched protection while being lightweight, breathable, flexible, water-resistant and comfortable for players from the peewees to the pros.

XTech Protective Equipment is an All-American firm. We proudly ensure that every facet of our production process—from design to mold, from supply components to assembly—is one hundred percent Made in the USA.

And we know the needs of high performance athletes because every member of Team XTECH is a former athlete.

Our unwavering focus as equipment manufacturers and athletes and is to provide you with the highest level of SAFETY, PROTECTION, PLAYER COMFORT, FLEXIBILITY, and MOBILITY the moment you step on that field.

Meet Our Team

As former athletes we know first hand the importance of playing in comfortable, breathable, flexible athletic gear.

Ted Monica


East Coast Sales

(973) 865-1404

Bob Broderick


VP, Sales & Marketing

(718) 873-3635

Dr. Miglietta


Medical Director

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Graphic/Web Designer

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Jack Mara

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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Luke Monica

Production Manager

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Career Defining Sports Memory:

  • I’ve always been fascinated by how sports equipment works. My dad was a high school football coach for 30 years. One day, when I was eight, I got curious, grabbed a screw driver, and took apart a bunch of gear in his team locker room. When he came back in he yelled at me to put everything back together. I’ve been designing and building protective pads ever since.
    Ted Monica
  • When I was a kid everyone told me I wouldn't amount to much unless I focused more on math and reading. But all I cared about was sports. When I was fifteen I got a job as a ball boy for the New York Giants. Being around elite athletes with such drive and dedication was inspiring. But it was Wellington Mara who blew me away with his work ethic and humility. Well into his eighties he’d show up every day—work long hours—and treat everyone from the vice president and the General Manager to the secretary and the janitor with the same respect. I learned more by example in that environment than I ever could have in a classroom. What impressed me most? Mr. Mara started out as a ball boy.
    Bob Broderick